My Background








I have lived in the North Wales area all my life. My family, maternal and paternal also came from the same area and I find this link with the past through both them and the surrounding countryside very exciting.


I initially became interested in tracing my family tree in the mid 1990s after my cousin had done some work on our grandfathers' branch. I was amazed at the amount of information available in the form of parish records, certificates, maps, census returns etc.


I then turned to my husband's family.With the fairly unusual surname of Blythin it was quite easy to trace his ancestors and most of them had, in fact, been loathe to wander out of the area. I found his earliest ancestor born 1605 living only 5 miles from where my husband was born in 1951!


As my interest grew so my area widened and I looked further afield into West and East Wales. I also visited war memorials and graveyards armed with camera, tape recorder and brush for the leaves and debris (attracting some very strange looks at times).


I realised, during my research, how difficult it is to trace ancestors from afar so decided I would offer my services and experience to people some of whom, although living many, many miles away still have strong feelings for their roots.


Rest assured that I will do my utmost to track down your ancestors and my delight and excitement on finding them will equal yours.